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Rinna holding an exploding bottle of sparkling Rinna Wine. Her expression is joyful and excited.

Refined Wines
Unfiltered Fun

It’s about damn time. Ditch the filter. RINNA WINES is finally here. Grab a couple of bottles and uncork from reality—and your inhibitions.

Own it, baby!

Crafted in Southern France, RINNA Wines was born out of a passion for good wine, good times, and most importantly, good friends. Actress and TV personality Lisa Rinna bottled up that laughter and love she felt during a girls’ trip to France and wanted to pass along that same electric feeling. Because all fabulous ideas come from too many glasses at a wine tasting in the South of France, right? RINNA Wines is not only delicious but light and refreshing with every sip. Enjoy some unfiltered and unapologetic fun with your friends. Cheers!


A bottle of Rinna Wines Brut open in the foreground on a table with Lisa Rinna in the background raising a glass.

Brut Rosé

A light, effervescent French rosé that’s dry in style, like our humor, and knows how to leave an impression.

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • spice


A crisp and refreshing French bubbly. This one’s bound to liven up the conversation at brunch.

  • Green Apple
  • Pear
  • Brioche
A bottle of Rinna Wines Brut chilling in an ice bucket

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